• Hi I am K1521 from germany.
    I'm 18 years old and haven't been banned yet. I found out about Stonebound through my friend (Grimmauld) which invited me to join the Kreation 2 server.
    Usualy I am playing sky modpacks with my friends and I enjoy building large machines. Normaly we play in a world until it becomes unplayable due to lags.
    I got to minecraft via YouTube, downloaded mcpe and now I am playing minecraft on my Computer.
    I am currently a Create Integration co-developer and also enjoy playing Create wich I also found on YouTube.
    My favourite mods are technic mods like Rftools, Mekanism or Ender IO.

  • Staff

    I like the "yet" in your sentence. please don't lag this world to death, if you do, I'll blame grim too, ok? Also Mcmuffin's mods are the best, you cannot list Mcmuffin's mods as a favorite mod because Mcmuffin's mods are mods everyone loves.

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  • Thank you.

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