• I'm 17 years old, in the U.S. I found you guys through a Reddit post, actually.
    Specifically one about how copper ore in the Create mod changes color over time. A comment on that post mentioned how a player made the Statue of Liberty out of copper, and a reply implied that it happened on your server. Whether or not this is actually true doesn't really matter though, as I kinda just want to join a multiplayer server to play with people.
    I haven't been banned from any servers, to to my knowledge, and I can't remember any time where I lied about my age.
    I'm not sure if I have a favorite mod, but if I had to name one or two, it would either be Thermal Foundation, as it's basically a staple mod in my opinion, or Witchery, though the latter is a bit of an older one, back from 1.7.10.
    For real life hobbies, I do like programming, specifically making small, simple games or demos. Maybe once in a while, I'll attempt to re-code some retro game.
    As for activity, even though this wasn't a question, I'm not sure how active I'll be, but I will probably be there at least once a week, probably on weekends, though that's probably as expected.

    I feel like I wrote too much.
    Oh well, got past the five sentence minimum at least.

  • Helper

    That was indeed our server, Mad_Max singlehandedly turned copper into an economic currency during the lifespan of Kreation. I don't even understand how people do these things. No worries about length though, there's no such thing as too long of an application here, longer applications show much more patience and maturity towards following standards. It wouldn't be wrong to say too short of an app is enough to be instantly rejected without appeal.

    Anyways, Application Approved

  • Thank you for accepting my application!

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