• Hi! I am a thirteen-year old U.S. citizen. I found out about Stonebound through the Create Discord. I have never been banned on... anything, really, and have never lied about my age. I enjoy playing Minecraft, which I got into through pocket edition. My current favorite game is Homebrew: Patent Unknown, and Trailmakers, and Scrap Mechanic... really anything to do with creating whatever you want. And car games stuff too. Thanks for reading my application!

    Signed, Grumpy Evan

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our community.
    Unfortunately Stonebound is an 18+ community, and we do not whitelist players under the age of 16.
    However, we do allow users that are 13+ onto a different whitelist that is just for the Kreation servers. While that process typically occurs on a google form instead of our website, I figured I'd skip the hassle of having you re-apply and just whitelist you.

    So going forward, you can play on Kreation and Kreation II, as well as any future servers we offer that are available for players on our Kreation whitelist.
    And you are welcome to reapply for the main server in the future once you become of age.
    Thank you, and I hope you enjoy playing on Kreation. 🙂

  • @Graphika Thank you very much!

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