• Age: 26
    Country: Brazil
    How did you find Stonebound? Through recommendations on the Create discord server!
    Known friends: Grimmauld, Shinkego, Spirolateral

    About me:
    I'm an amateur artist and professional programmer hailing from Brazil. My mind flows to the creative side of things, and I often find myself drawn to games that involve creativity and feeling, such as sandbox and rhythm games. Minecraft has for many years been a recurring passion of mine.

    I'm a long-term player of Minecraft, hailing from the earlier Alpha days, back when the Nether was a new addition and TF2 had a blog post about the game. I've been playing both vanilla and modded on-and-off across the years, gradually realizing that I much prefer minimalism and mods that stick to vanilla philosophies.

    The mod Create has once again rekindled my interest in the game, essentially being the tech mod of my dreams: kinetic systems, modular and player-oriented mechanics, and machine processes that not only make sense, but feel extremely rewarding to build. Following simibubi and the team on its development has been so inspirational that I ended up retrying to make a mod of my own, just to go back to making art and practicing programming again!

    History on past servers:
    Sadly, I'm not a huge player of SMP. Most of my experiences have been personal packs tailored to my taste, but I did join servers now and then, such as the Immersive Engineering debug server, and a few past ones back in Beta times as a moderator. I understand the frustration of dealing with toxicity and griefing in online communities, and wouldn't wish this burden on anyone.

    Why would you like to join Stonebound?
    I've been making many new friends online during recent times, and the ones from the Create server speak highly of Stonebound. It sure sounds like a lovely community! I'd love to partake on it, and hopefully contribute some builds to the server! 😄

  • Helper

    Thanks for Re-Applying in a non scary place! I hope you enjoy stonebound enough to stick around even after k2, though I suppose it's uncommon for us to have minimalist style packs it does indeed happen. Sometimes. Hope to see you on the server soon.

    Application Approved

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