Please unban me, because there is a mistake

  • Hi, I was banned a month ago apparently and I would like to sort this out. Unfortunately, a member of the support, phit#4970, is not ready to clarify this, so I will have to contact you directly now. It could be that I accidentally sent an advertisement to one of your members. So I wanted to know the name of the user to who the message was sent, to see if I had sent them advertising. I don't want any trouble, but I'm getting really angry when none of Stonebound's willing to clear this up. I just want to play normally again. May I make a little suggestion: If something like this comes from another player, then you could warn him first and only if he does not understand it or does it again you can ban him. Also, my buddy was threatened with the fact that he would be banned if he continued to help me and I thought the support is there to help. I also quote from your own rules: "If the moderators feel that a user is causing issues / violating rules on a regular basis, we will take disciplinary action." That means that if there is a time that was also accidentally, I have no problems except for a warning. Thank you in advance for your feedback

  • Staff

    Hello, I am the Community Manager for Stonebound and am happy to address your concerns. We value the privacy of our members and appreciate any time they come to us with concerns regarding other community members, so we do not provide names of members that submit complaints. Furthermore, we consider advertisement via private messages to be a form of harassment, which we do not tolerate at Stonebound. Since targeted advertisement via private message is difficult to monitor, we are much harsher with our ban policy with users involved in such behavior.

    Regarding your friend, he did not meet the minimum application qualifications when he first joined Stonebound. I made an exception to allow him and you on the server as I know that we are one of the only if not the only server to host Anti-Chem, which was the primary reason he applied initially. I warned him via private messages shortly after he applied as he was spamming me to whitelist you. This is now his second warning, as he has been arguing with a staff member despite being told that the ban would not be lifted. A third warning results in an immediate ban from Stonebound, which is why he was told that. In fact, per your own statement that I should ban him after he was warned once, I should ban him now. But we believe in a three strike policy here for most things, so I will allow him one more chance.

    Finally, all community bans are discussed internally between staff. If we disagree with a ban, we will overturn it. However, all staff member have agreed unanimously to uphold your ban, and our decision is final. We are happy to reconsider your interest in our community two years after the date of your original ban, at which time you are welcome to reapply.

    I apologize for the inconvenience, but we wish you the best of luck in finding a more suitable community for your needs. Thank you.

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