• Hello, I'm from Turkey and I'm 20. I found the server from the Create mod's discord, I've been looking for a nice modded server with an active playerbase and since I was interested in playing with the Create mod I wanted to check this server out. I don't have past history of bans or lying about age. I've been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.7.3, I play it like once or twice a year for a month or 2. My favourite mods used to be Thaumcraft and Immersive Engineering but after playing around with Create for a month it has become one of my favourites.

  • Staff

    hello thank you for applying your cost of admission is 1 turkish joke that i do not have to understand, please report to spawn for a tracking chip and general orientation booklet on how to build a dirt house apon delivery of joke.

    also thaumcraft 6 is painful thaumcraft 5 number 1

    application approved

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