• IGN: Nocallia
    Age: 18
    Country: United States (NC)
    How did you find us: I was looking at the Create mod coming back to modded MC, and I wanted to see other mods by the creator. I saw this modpack and this server, and due to me wanting to find a new modded community, it brought me here.
    Ban History: I have had no significant bans that were not false flags. I was incorrectly flagged for speed hacking once, but the ban was appealed.

    I am someone who really likes creative-esc games, building-esc games, and also simple automation-esc games. Minecraft is obviously a favorite of mine, but I also like playing terraria, starbound, and a game called TerraTech. I have been playing modded minecraft since 1.2.5 days, and have played on a multitude of modded minecraft servers.

    I am currently in college, so I will mostly be playing in the evenings when I am not swamped with homework.

    I am excited to see how the community is if I am able to join.

  • Helper

    Banned for asking us to check app 23.5 hours after posting instead of 24

    Nah just fucking with ya, shame you didn't apply a year ago we had a starbound server up like 6 months ago

    I'm shocked TerraTech still exists though, I remember seeing it on dunc's channel forever ago then it just disappeared

    Application Approved

  • It does exist. The community is quite small though, but it's still a bit alive.

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