• I am 20 years old turning 21 later this year I have played Minecraft since before 1.6.4. I live in the USA and I am looking for a server for antimatter chemistry pack; that's how I stumbled upon Stonebound. I was banned once for an unsecured account that was reported by another user which I don't know how that is a reasonable reason to ban. I am a big fan of Tinker's construct 1, pams' harvestcraft, any questing mod, I really enjoy quark, update aquatic, and certain mods that add different types of wood. My hobbies are gaming and almost anything creative I play Minecraft probably too much.

  • Staff

    Hey SharkBaitPlayz, I will foreworn you our AntiMatter Chemistry server is long gone do to inactivity. How do you feel about forestry? That's like wood defined, add it to ArchitectureCraft or Blockcraftery and you can... wood?

    Well you were approved so I highly recommend checking out our other servers at the least. Pretty sure eternal had forestry if you can run that abomination.

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