• Hey, I'm MrPingWine, 18y old boy from Finland. I have very fond memories of playing with my mates in around 1.7.2 and would love to have a nice community to play with again. I don't actually have that much experience in tech mods yet so I can't too much comment on my favourite tech mod but as for the looks of it: Create mod seems to be what I've always hoped for. A mod that could fit in Vanilla minecraft visually and functionally.

    Even though I haven't played too many modpacks lately I've still been following the modding (and shader) scene for a bit and it's the reason why I found about Stonebound. Create's Discord guided me here so here I am, in hopes of having my application accepted 😛

    My favourite mod is TerraForged as it makes beautiful (and pretty flat) landscapes where it is easy to build structures on. For a close second place I'd say quark just because it does so much QoL changes that I love as a Factorio fan.

    As for other insterests I can say that Factorio is one of my favourite games yet 😄 Which is why I'm excited to see that Create is adding inserters in the mod! It's always nice to see blocks that actually do something and not just some static block that makes it all work with seemingly magic (cough cough ore doubling).

    I haven't ever been banned from any server as far as I know nor have I lied about my age.

    I've always dreamt about a minecraft server where people would be nice and kind to each other and help each other. A nice thightly knit community where people respect each others work.

    I hope Stonebound would be the place to come and relax with buddies and possibly make a huge factory together for producing cakes 😛

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    Hey MrPingWine sorry for the long wait, The cock is recommending today's beef.

    I still don't know how to feel about the new inserters personally, I have faith Simi will stick to his own aesthetic but I'm also worried they'll feel too magical in the arsenal.

    Application Approved

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