• Country: Canada
    Age: 20

    Hey, I'm schwem00. I've been playing Minecraft off and on since alpha, I believe it was among the first paid PC games I ever owned. For a long time, my favourite mod was Rotarycraft; I've hosted a few private modded servers for friends based around it even, I've always been a lover of complex automation, and that mod satisfied my itch. However, it's 1.7.5 only, and that's a rather old version now, so I found Create while looking for a newer replacement, and heard about Stonebound on the official Create discord.

    As for other hobbies and interests, I'm currently going into my 3rd year of studying software engineering, and as I write this I'm in between runs at a dragstrip I race at (some downtime due to a crash). I also play a lot of other games, Factorio satisfies the automation itch when I'm not playing modded minecraft, and lately I've also been playing a lot of Risk of Rain 2. As far as I'm aware, I've never been banned from a minecraft server, nor have I lied about my age.

    If there's any other questions I can answer, I'd be happy to do so, otherwise, I look forward to (hopefully) playing with you guys!

  • Staff

    Hey thanks for applying mr leaf!
    It's a bit of a shame Reika and some other devs plan on sticking to 1.7.10 though with how often the main game has been getting updates as of late and how long 1.7.10 lasted it's not that shocking. Ever did boat drag racing in MC? very fun, highly recommend, just stick boats on ice and observe the magic.

    Application Approved

  • Yeah it's a shame, although I totally understand why, lot of work for mods that big. I'm sure I'll still venture back occasionally, but like, that version is 6 years old now. Too much is missing. Although I certainly don't miss Phantoms when I go back to that version, lmao.

    I've never actually raced them on ice! Only made high speed nether pathways. Maybe that's a project I'll tackle on the server, an ice raceway. Speaking of, thanks for approving, will be on probably tomorrow!

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