• USA, 32 yrs old, father of 4. I found Stonebound through the Create discord server. I'm looking for a server to play on that has adults and the Create mod, and think I've found a likely place here. I've been playing Minecraft more or less steady since it came out in Alpha, and have got every single IRL friend I have to at least try it. For many years I ran my own servers, eventually graduating up to dedicated hosting for Forge modpacks and even writing my own mods. In the last two years, all my friends have moved on from Minecraft, but I'm still interested. I no longer wish to host my own server when I don't have a player base to share it with, so I'm excited to try a new adventure as a player again.

    EDIT: re-reading rules, I guess ban disclosures? I have only been banned once, when I banned myself from my own server to test various ban settings and functions. 😉

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    Thanks for waiting! Create has drawn some older players back do to its nature of putting parts together rather than fixing it all with 1 attempt. Kind of reminds me of the factories put together with ic2/bc to make HV solar arrays, just a complex chain to meet a goal. Hyped as hell for .3 and I should stop being a fanboy in case Simi actually sees this.

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  • Yeah that's definitely the appeal for me with create, no one-block solutions, and it can do so much more than just "it's a farm" or "it's another step in a long chain of micro-crafting." It's a tech mod without being cheesy sci fi, and it's an aesthetic mod without being just a huge collection of useless static blocks. It melds well with the vanilla aesthetic I loved from the beginning and adds depth of mechanics rather than just depth of grinding.

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