• Hello, I'm YaniKat! I am currently 20 years old and live in USA.
    I bought minecraft 5 years ago but haven't really played the game until recently. Thus, I have never received a ban and I do not intend to do anything that warrants one. I heard about this server from my friends that have played for longer, and hope to be able to join!
    What I enjoy the most so far is building cool structures. I find it amazing that people can take random objects in game and apply it to add texture and other elements and hope to be able to do the same. If I get the opportunity to join, I'd like to recreate small builds from youtube tutorials and eventually work on my own designs.
    I like getting along with the community and hope to make some new friends!
    Now my main game is Black Desert Online, but I also play League of Legends, Raft, and Honkai Impact 3rd on the side.

  • Staff

    Thank you for your patience, I'm glad to see another weeb is joining the server, please keep the anime girls at spawn SFW. Who recommended you by the way? We like to know who is talking about us behind our backs so we can leave boxes of waste material on their back patio with ominous letters.

    Application Approved

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