• Hello, I am currently 21 years old. Live in the United States of America. I found out about you guys from a friend that wants to play. I've never been banned because I don't play a lot of multiplayer minecraft. Most of it has been on a friends dedicated server. I got into minecraft in the alpha. My friend convinced me to buy it. my favorite mod is electrobob's wizardry because it has some really useful spells. My favorite thing to do in game is complete all quests. Thats the main appeal to MC ETERNAL. Also really enjoy mods that focus on exploration rather than sitting in base making machines.

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our community.
    I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist.
    I hope you enjoy playing on our servers. I know we are big fans of quest-based packs ourselves so keep an eye out for our e-mails regarding new launches as well!

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