• Age: 16
    Country: United States of America
    HYFU: From a friend

    I have no history of bans or lying about my age, and this is my first time applying for a whitelist on a modded server.

    I really wanted to join a server because if I hosted it myself I would have to keep my computer on 24/7 just to keep the server up, and chunks loaded. I wanted this because I love RFTools, and Thermal Expansions along with all the automation mods; and if I would log off everything automated would just stop when I logged off. On top of that I also wanted a sense of community in a modded server because I never played modded with like more than 3 or more of my friends, and i'm interested on how it's like.

    I started playing Minecraft in 2012, and just kept on playing it with my cousins, and others. My favorite thing to do is probably set up a infinite RF source, and a quarry so it would infinitely mine for me while also smelting it, and putting it into the correct chests. Automation in modded Minecraft just seems so satisfying for me for some reason.

    I wanted to play MCEternal because it's probably the biggest modpack i've seen in my life, and the quests seem like a really nice "thing to do" along with all the other mods with it. It also acts as a guide through mods i've never used before like the Rats mod.

  • Staff

    ew imagine using rf, absolutely disgusting man, EU and MJ are the only logical options and only valid opinions

    Also chunkloading is online only, outside of ATM5 where it's done through a ender resource consumer

    Application Approved

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