• Age: 20
    Country: England
    How you found us: Was looking for servers that feature the 'Create' mod, ended up in the Create discord, then found the Kreation 2 Modpack and joined that discord.
    History of bans/lying of age: None - Only recently got back into Minecraft after the Nether update but checking my account, I changed my username in 2015 from my original which I guess I've had since 2013-ish.

    Additional information:
    As a player, I'm an avid builder, anywhere I live/work in Minecraft has to be perfect and look really good. As a person I'm a messy, hectic Graphic Designer who lives life to fullest, I live in the moment and am the first to jump into any situation that sounds fun. I have a good sense of humour and am impossible to embarrass which can make for a great time to those around me. I got into Minecraft by watching X's Adventures in Minecraft who I still watch today on YouTube although he plays Escape from Tarkov now. My favourite mod is probably TooManyItems as it helps me learn recipes for every other mod I experiment with. Like I previously mentioned in-game I like to build things but my short attention span means the process takes some time, much to the displeasure of my friends I like to have a building for each task I.E a workshop for crafting, storehouse for storage, power facility for any generators because it looks better- Although you may have to spend time going back and forth! In real life I like to go out on my bike, meet up with friends and enjoy time at pubs or restaurants making memories and trying new things while I'm young.

  • Helper

    Hey thanks for applying! I must admit a "Toomanyitems is my favorite mod" is a rare admission, some people never realize how useful it is do to how used to it they are nowadays. I'd say nowadays we have just enough items though.

    Application Approved

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