• Hey,
    Age: 19
    Country: United States.
    I found this server when my friend suggested it to me.

    I got into Minecraft when my brother had purchased an account and offered it to me to play; which now I have my own personal account. I have never personally been banned, I always play by the rules, and I could be seen as competitive. I originally really enjoyed playing skywars, which led me into playing faction, and now I enjoy playing modded MC. My favorite modpack has got to be MCEternal, it has so much to offer and is all in all enjoyable. I really enjoy sightseeing as it brings such great memory's, this hobby of mine has took over me so much to the point where I always have to have some sort of shaders or the sort to enjoy a game. Hopefully this application will suffice and I will be able to join your community.

  • Helper

    hello Monk, I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist.
    Im not much of a pvp person, I tend to play alot more pve based things myself. and MCEternal in my opinion is just way too large. although I can see why people enjoy it. hope you and your friends have fun on the server

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