• Age: 18
    Country: US
    How I found you: I saw a post about the statue of liberty made on the server on the feedthebeast reddit.
    History: No history

    I got into Minecraft after watching the Yogscast and seeing Shadow of Israphel. My favorite type of mods are magic mods such as Witchery and Thaumcraft. My favorite thing to do in game is to build good looking bases. I just got a new computer so I can finally run modpacks that aren't extremely outdated and small. Last modpack I got heavily into is infinity evolved running it at 30fps at the maximum.

    RIP Witchery not being updated to newer versions.

  • Helper

    Hello Wanted, I've Gone Ahead and Added you to our whitelist!
    Witchery is a great mod, and there is a spiritual successor someone made called bewitchment. Im also a big fan of thaumcraft some of the older versions of it specifically, as I dont really enjoy the newer versions of it (as good a job as azanor did with them)

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