• Hi.
    Age: 17 (18 this summer).
    Country: Russia.
    How i found this server: i was offered to play together by a friend.

    Currently learning, attending university (looking forward for the 2nd course). Interests are mostly programming and philosophy. Got into minecraft a long time ago, near 2012, and got my license in 2013. Since then been playing on most popular servers, the only incident that happened, is that when i was banned on Hypixel (i suppose near 2015) for using "3rd party" software. In fact, i literally was testing a bug, that my friend had showed me, at some minigame (i suppose it was about surviving on a little sand area, where floor slowly disappears). When a bug actually has worked (it ofc was during the game), i was suddenly banned for ever, lately i didn't even try to apply for case reconsideration (although i could and i think it would do).
    It's been a long time since then and i don't think it should be a reasonable thing to decline this application because of.
    The only tricky detail about my minecraft account, as i've recently realised (because haven't been playing for a long time), is that it's birth day is set to 2007 (i have no idea why), and i cannot change it. If it is required, the appropriate document, confirming my age, may be provided.

    Thanks for devoted time considering this application.

  • Helper

    Hey mad i'm dad
    Look I've typed 3 different jokes besides that one and couldn't think of a better one, if you got a good one involving philosophy, programming, russia, mad, and leet please tell me as my creativity is seriously failing me.
    No a joke about generic crazy russian hacker does not count dammit, it's too overused.

    Application Approved

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