• Hello! I am karnelius. I currently live in Russia and I am 19 years old. I’ve started playing minecraft when i was 10. Since then i abandoned minecraft many times but something always brought me back. Sometimes it was the servers and new mini-games. Sometimes It was the updates. Other times it was something different. This time though i would like to spend time with my friend who invited me to play on this server and have some fun. As far as I remember I don’t have any considerable record of lies in online games. And neither i have bans.

    Oh yeah, and i forgot to mention the person who invited me: AleksandrVi
    Thanks for reading 😄

  • Helper

    Hello Karnelius and thanks for applying! There is certainly something magical about block game that is impossible to describe. It's kind of like a seed that burrows and your brain and some time years later you're like "Shit man I wanna grow some crops".

    Application Approved

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