• Age: 18
    Country: US
    How I found you: Shinkego (D'Arcy Olla#3105)
    History: Never lied about age/been banned from anything.

    So stuff about me. I like to code and am currently working on creating a FMA:B mod for MC. I got into MC back when it first came out, but never really played it much until high school. My favorite mod atm is definitely either Ars Magica or Thaumcraft. I love rap music, but I'll listen to basically anything if it sounds good. IRL, I mostly code, play basketball (might try to play on the practice team/walk on for a D1 but covid so eh), watch an unhealthy moderate amount of anime, and usually am up to date with everything seasonal. In the future I definitely want to develop video games full time, and hopefully this future is within the next few months XD. I'm also about to be a college student, so I'll have to be a mini-adult for a while. Anyways, I don't like giving out too much personal info on public forums, so I hope this suffices. Feel free to pm me on discord (True Gentleman#4911) if you want to know anything else! I'll feel much more comfortable to answer directly.

  • Helper

    Arse Magik 2 best mod, though I don't like the 1.12 edition much since I miss the infinite leveling shennanigans and it was basically used in 0 packs.
    Thaumcraft also feels painful to me as of late (That new research is tedious), it makes me miss thaumcraft 5's research (Best research)

    Nice discord name, Application approved.

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