• Hi, I'm Shelley. I'm 38 from Canada. I heard about you through Gbuffs. I have been playing Minecraft since release and FTB for several years. I love making my bases really intricate, fun, and interesting to go along with mods of whatever pack I'm into. Right now, I'm into the 'All the mods 5' pack. In real life, I'm an engineer and very active, most people would never guess that I love to play FTB lol! I hope this is enough, I don't like to share much about myself, I'm very private.

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    Oi Oi Oi what's IRL activity have to do with fun block game, I feel offended by the insinuation there.

    Out of curiosity with an engineering background do you prefer mods more like Buildcraft/Create/CrossroadsMC/AE2 over say, ThermalExpansion/EnderIO/RefinedStorage's "Magic fix it all block" style?

    I've always been more of a fan of more complex solution mods personally, there's just something about how you can stick each piece together in a certain way to achieve a certain result, yet still have variations of it and get a similar result. Mods like TE it's always "Shove thing in get thing out" comparing.

  • @Scarlet I meant I usually get a reaction from my RL friends of "what's FTB, is that like Minecraft, like my kids play??" and a little bit of judgment then I eye-roll and have to try to explain. It's nice to get online and play with other people that understand and share the same interest and I can escape from RL. It's hard for me to say I like one type of mod over another. I just really enjoy automation and efficiency, so if I can get that down for whatever task I'm trying to do then I feel satisfied. However, I also like to make things look neat or interesting, so this 'create' mod is new to me and I'm diggin' it right now.

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    Hmm a "Get it done" mentality huh, so if you had the option between a Thermal crusher you could shove power into and a Create Crusher you'd probably go for the thermal?
    Interesting, Application Approved

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