• User: Cardespawn
    Age : 21
    Location: USA, Central Daylight Time
    Learned of this community from the Create mod discord server.
    No negative history.
    I got into Minecraft when a friend showed it to me. Been around since pre 1.7 beta and I have no intention of dropping it.
    Favorite mod will have to be Create. I love the simple to learn mechanics behind it and I like the automation.

    About me: I am, at my heart, a tech and DnD nerd. I lean towards Pathfinder but I am always looking to try and read new systems or supplements, especially the zany fun content. I have even begun to make a few 3rd party content myself, but its extremely WIP.

  • Im glad to see your interest in are little group, and i agree that Create is a great mod that dose a really nice job with looks but as well as functionality. you sound like the type of person we would like to have around so hopefully i see you online, Welcome to the server. you have been whitelisted on all severs, look forward to seeing you there.


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