• Hey there, whoever winds up reading this. I'm BagelGrenade but I tend to go by Bagel or just Alex most of the time. I'm 24 and from the US. I originally found you guys while researching the Create mod. I found the Kreation modpack and saw you had a server running for it so I thought I'd apply and try to get in. I've never lied about my age in an application, unless you count runescape when I was a kid. I've also never been banned from a server, though admittedly I don't play on many. I'm a big fan of the Crossroads mod, which is similar to create in that it focuses on rotary power and using simple machines to make complex contractions. The thing is that Crossroads is INSANELY complicated, and Create looks a lot more approachable. I love finding a quiet spot and building factories and automating everything and the aesthetic Create goes for is right up my alley. Plus, I just need a break from super high tech kitchen sink packs and Kreation seems like a nice change of pace. If you'll have me I'd love to get the chance to join the community and play with everyone.

  • Staff

    Oh boy another crossroads fan, if enough of you build up Simi is gonna get jealous. I would like to request the information of your favorite bagel, as it is important information, and any answer other than "Everything" or "Cinnamon Rasin" is considered invalid and treason.

    Application Accepted

  • @Scarlet I'm partial to everything bagels, preferably the non-explosive kind ironically.

    and thanks! looking forward to jumping in

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