• KarPancake
      United States
      9cn told me about this server.
      I do not have any history with being banned, or lying about my age.
      I got into Mine craft because a friend offered to buy it for me so i could play with him.
      I love to play bass and guitar on my free time. I am also terrify by highest. I do not have have a favorite mod pack because i don't play them often. I love to play fivem and rainbow six siege. I love to play minecraft because there is always something to do.

  • Helper

    Heya KarPancake! If you're a music fan i'd recommend checking out MXTune, allows you to make little bands and play Midi files, unfortunatly it's rare modpacks have it but is indeed a fun mod.

    Fuck heights though, Application approved.

  • i dont know why i didnt catch that, i am in a advanced high school and im still a dumbass.

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