• Hello people reading this. My username is kazadik, but my real name is Kaden. I'm 17 years old about to be 18 in a couple months. Normal minecraft has always been kinda boring to me and ever since I saw captain sparkles play modded I knew I would love it. I love exploring mods where you traverse the world looking for cool structures. My friend Tyler, or his username cabanina, referred me to this server and I think I would fit in great with this community. Thank you for taking your time to read my application.

    Best regards, Kaden.

  • Staff

    Hello Kazadik! thank you for your interest in our server!
    Unfortunately, your application is a bit shorter than we would like. If you could add on to it, we'd appreciate it.
    Feel free to include more information about your favorite mods or building style. Specific structures/structure/biome/altgen mods would also be a good fit for you.

  • Sorry about the short application. I generally like most exploration mods, but some of my favorites are twilight forest and rouge like dungeons. My favorite building style is rustic/medieval with castles and old houses with the tall triangle roofs. My favorite biomes are plains because they are easy to build on, or jungles because of the lush foliage.

  • Staff

    Building midevil style castles outside of a snow biome

    Oh my liver hurts

    Application approved

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