• Hello my name is Thy and I'm 18 years old as of February 2nd. I live in the United States.
    I found this community through @Dakras, and I've never been banned from a Minecraft server that I didn't own.
    I've never lied about my age on an application like this, but if it matters I've lied about my age on other things like making a YouTube account when I was younger.
    I got into Minecraft by recommendation from a friend just about when the game moved from Beta 1.8 to official release. My favorite mods are Railcraft and ProjectE/Equivalent Exchange 2. My preferred playstyle in game is that of mostly isolation, but I tend to be moderately philanthropic and share with my resources with others as needed. I never grief as a personal rule, unless it's with my close friends.
    My real life hobbies are playing Dungeons and Dragons and reading.
    If you require further information do not hesitate to question me.

  • Staff

    Man Dakras is seriously recommending a lot of people.

    I've always found it sad how few packs have railcraft and EE2, people seem to forget its a sandbox game where you're supposed to have fun or something. Looking back Railcraft would be incredibly fun to play with create, hyperspeed jumping sawblade tree harvesters sounds terrifying.

    Approved, hope to see you there.

  • Thank you.

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