• Hello there, I'm vallefjante (but my mc name is VFRP) and I'm 18 year old swedish boy that have been playing Minecraft since 2011. I had been playing a lot of Nintendo DS and PS2 while growing up but Minecraft was my first real PC game and I have been playing it on and off for 9 years.

    I've always loved playing Minecraft and especially modded Minecraft, I really like the grindy part of Minecraft and I can waste serveral hours just gathering resources for a random thing I found in the mods list. My favorite mod is probably one of the food modpacks like Pam's Harvestcraft bc there is an endless list of foods you can make and it takes a lot of grinding to get all the ingredients. My friend @Assa told me about this server and I like modded Minecraft so I thought hell ye. I have never been banned from a server or lied about my age.

    Hope to hear back from you guys soon!

  • Helper

    I'd argue pams isn't exactly grinding since all the ingredients take the exact same conditions to grow to the point where you can set one up on a farm plot with a machine and you're good. If you like grinding you'd probably like MC Eternal since it's an expert pack meaning it's grinding joy.

    Approved, hope to see you on the server.

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