• Heya,
    My name is Knightbringer (My minecraft ign is BronzongBringer though), I'm from England, I'm 18 (27/03/2002) and I started playing Minecraft mods about 6 years ago and I found out about the server though @Dakras.
    I really love building in Minecraft so much to the point where I delay making any progress in mods or vanilla until I've built myself a decent house.
    I got into Minecraft from watching Yogcast's Shadow of Israphel with my older sister and I've been playing on and off ever since. I'm really into music and baking irl, I also read a lot of non-fiction works relating to the history of the general use of Physics.
    I don't have a history of bans (that I know of) or lying about my age.
    Thanks for taking the time to read my application,
    Kind Regards,

  • Staff

    Real shame episode 43 got burned up in yoglabs and tinman ran off with the ad money . Sometimes wonder if the lack of drama and the youtube algorithm suddenly beansing the entire gaming section would have made their current slog of neverending GMod videos different. Highly recommend you check out the streams if you haven't, yog streams much better than yog tubes.

    Added you to the whitelist, don't die server in the present tense.

  • Thanks, can't wait to get on!

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