• Hello!
    I am Grimmauld (i will not post my RL name on a public forum) from germany, and a modder. Currently i am part of the Create dev team, and recently joined the Kreation 2 server via the direct form link on the Create discord. I got to know people of the stonebound community, and it has been a lot of fun to play on the Kreation server, so i figured i'd apply for a full stonebound whitelist. I usually play mods to their very limits, so i am regularly the one to blame for crashes, yet i do not actively try to crash or grief. I rather try to help with the knowledge i have by PRing fixes to the crashes i cause to the mods with which i crashed stuff. I am fascinated by the endless possibilities of modding (vanilla becomes boring fast), so i try to expand the known limits with crazy contraptions (as long as my PC can handle it). Looking forward to ATM5, it will be a real test to Create stability seeing interaction with crazy amounts of other mods.

  • Oh right, age and bans
    Age: 17
    Bans: Not any yet. I might have downloaded an XRAY texture pack recently, but that was just so i could view texture pack file structure as i wanted to make my own texture pack. XRAY was the first on the curseforge list and i am lazy...

  • Helper

    hey grimm I've added you to our full whitelist!
    will see you on the ATM5 server

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