• Hi, I'm 20, currently living in Ontario in Canada. I found this server from a friend who wants to play the all the mods 5 server when it comes out. He is whitelisted on stonebound (His username is Vindag). I have played minecraft for a good 8 years and enjoyed it for a long time, on and off of course. I havent played up to date mods or modpacks, mostly playing stuff thats around 1.7.10 and 1.6.4, so I'm excited to see whats new.

  • I forget to mention that I havent ever been banned or have lied about my age, though full disclosure, I havent played much in terms of community servers but am not really into griefing or cheating.

  • Staff

    Application accepted, hope to see you there

  • @Scarlet thanks, same to you!

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