• Hello again, my username in-game is TytusDeZoo. I am actually 17 years old and i live in Poland. When i start Minecraft i was a allone x-ray player( I had 10years) but now(13years) I bought premium and I am full safe and I never lie. I love creative building and I'm a builder myself. My favourite mod is [Angry Pixel]The Betweenlands for their graphic and dark swamp style. I want to play Kreation 2 server becouse I love mods but I can't found good mod server (I am really tired by looking for good server). Pleas add me... I write this AGAIN...

  • Staff

    While we consider applications from users under the age of 18, we are a mature community and expect our potential members to behave in a mature manner. After reviewing the comments you've made on the Create discord server, we didn't feel you would be a good fit here. You are welcome to re-apply to our community after you turn 18 and we will reconsider our decision based on your behavior at that time.

    Thank you again for your interest in joining our community, and we wish you the best of luck in finding a more suitable one.

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