• Age:17(I turn 18 in aug)
    Country:United states of America
    How I found stonebound:create discord made a announcement about kreation and I wanted to try to play outside of single player
    History of bans:none (I barely play on servers )
    History of lying about my age: one time in 8th grade I was doing a project on smoking but the cigarette websites required me to put in an age above 18 or something , so with my teacher’s permission I lied
    When I play I am bad at most things , and I have to be honest, when I play in single player I do easy difficulty and cheats so I can have keep inventory , I am a week player but when I played on kreation I didn’t have that crutch and still thrived ( though my building skill could still use some work ) And after that great experience I want more so here I am filling out my application. -bentzi

  • Hi Bentzi,
    Im glad to see your interest in are community. There is no such thing as a week player you can always get better at whatever you decide to work on and honestly i used to be the same way but playing most Mod-packs they all have some sort of a grave that holds all your items. I look forward to seeing you on the server, your application has been accepted and you have been added to the whitelist!

    Sincerely, TotalCreature

  • Thanks So much for the acceptance And the kind words

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