• Hello, my name is Nova, I am a 19 year old CIT college student and am a friend of CetiOmicron. I am a huge fan of the create mod and other mods that go well with one another and he told me this server was perfect so I'm wanting to join. Thank you for your time.

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    Hello Novapod! While we normally would prefer longer applications (To get a better idea if a user is fit for the community), as a friend of a person who is already a member (albeit a very short time) we would be glad to accept you into the community.

    Unfortunately however, Novapod is an unlicensed account, unless that is not your minecraft username. We are an "Online Status" server meaning you require a valid payed minecraft account in order to join.

    Novapod287 however is a valid account, just confirm that's you and i'll accept your whitelist app.

    Out of curiosity what exactly is CIT college like? I've never really understood if its meant more towards hardware or programming or what.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Scarlet Well not technically CIT college, but I'm majoring in CIT. So far I've taken a javascript class, cybersecurity, and database development.

  • @Scarlet Yes, Novapod287 is my minecraft username. My apologies.

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    @Novapod Ah so you're focusing more on the web side of software then, how would you rate it compared to self learning (If you've done any extensively)?

    Also I have added you to the whitelist, don't break the server plz.

    Highly recommend you join the discord if you have not, should be on the front page of the website. We got a nice chat and server status link.

  • @Scarlet Thank you so much!

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