• Hi there, my name is Ceti and I am 22 years old, currently going through college in the U.S as a computer programming major soon to graduate. I found out about Stonebound via Kreation 2 which got my attention due to the Create mod, which I really enjoyed and grew a fascination for. I got into Minecraft so long ago it's crazy to remember, it had a browser version that was creative only when the game was in early development and I just remember being entranced by the game. Haven't put it down since.

  • Helper

    hello Ceti, I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist!
    what programming language have you been learning? I learned a bit of C# a few years ago and am learning java right now, but I'm not that suited to it (mainly the sitting at a computer all day part). although I can do it for periods of time regularly
    hope to see you on the server

  • Thanks for accepting my application!

    I grew up programming most of my life, but currently I am being taught C++, over the past 2 years I completed courses around java, js, html & css, and c#. I agree though, sitting at the desk all day can get tedious and I get existential crisis when I am up too late working on a project haha!

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