• AGE: 17
    HOW I FOUND THE COMMUNITY: Create Announcements
    FAV MOD: Betweenlands
    Hiya! I'm Flan. I like playing Minecraft. I enjoy creating, whether it be visual, written, or anything, and am known to produce art and written works on occasion.. I got into this game a long time ago - don't know exactly when, but it was around the first big minecraft boom (Yogscast, etc) and am now looking to play on a modded server with a community. I found the community through the Create discord, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite mods next to The Betweenlands. I also really enjoy prismarine. Thank you for your consideration, and I sincerely hope you'll consider letting me into the fold!

    Yours in Crafting,

  • Helper

    Hi Flan, thanks for your interest!
    I've gone right ahead and added you to our whitelist, my sincerest apologies that we didn't get back to you sooner.
    Hope you have fun playing with the community; see you around!~

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