• Hello dear Stonebound Team!
    My name is Fabian, and I am 23 years young 😛 I was born in Austria, and I still live there. I found this server, on the Discord Server of the Create Mod, and found it very high quality. On photos the server looked first class, and therefore I am looking forward to maybe playing on the server soon. I have not been banned from public Minecraft servers, nor have I lied about my age (maybe before, when I was much younger).
    I've seen Minecraft on various platforms, and I find it simply fascinating. I started playing, and I couldn't stop playing so quickly. I started playing about 6 years ago when I was 17, and the game has continued to accompany me throughout my life. First only Survival Mode, and later the multiplayer server. When the mods came, it was just like a new game. I discovered the mod Immersive Engineering and have been a big fan of the mod ever since. I'm enthusiastic about all mods that bring automation and/or machines with them.

    I am currently going to the University of Vienna, and I am looking forward to finish my studies soon. I love football and video games. As far as my PC can do it, I play every nicen game (e.g. FarCry, GTA, Minecraft of course, etc.) I am a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and the club Juventus Turin.

    Since I don't know what else I should/could tell you about me, I hereby close my application and hope you like it.
    Best regards

  • Staff

    Hello CuzImFabian06,

    I've added you to the whitelist after looking over your application, and I hope you enjoy your stay with us!
    Also, seeing as Create has got the 1.15 update, you can expect a server for that to be up soon.

    Have fun in game!


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