• Hi, I'm ronin8252, I'm 16 years old, and I would like to join this server. A few friends and I have been playing modded minecraft for about 3 years now. I've played with the same few people for the majority of my time playing minecraft but I'm always looking to expand my circle of people to play with. I've started on the tekkit pack and have pretty good experience with a bunch of mods. Also, I have played on a bunch of smaller servers however they always seemed to die out. I enjoy thaumcraft and building structures related to thaumcraft. I also like the tech mods, especially gregtech because of the slow progression. Hopefully I will be able to continue my modded mineceraft experience on your server. Thanks for taking the time to consider me for your server.

  • Staff

    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our server!
    We've gone ahead and whitelisted you and your friends, and look forward to seeing you all on the server!

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