• hi! I'm Rjspayth1 and I'm 18 years old.
    I live in the US and I learned about this from the Kreation mod pack.
    I am not banned from any other servers.
    I started playing Minecraft back in elementary school, and played for a long time before I took a hiatus, and given the current circumstances, have rediscovered how fun it can be. I like to play with a variety of modpacks, and my current favorite is Kreation, on the kreation server. I recently graduated high school, and am going to be going to college for engineering. I am applying to Stonebound because I am interested in doing more with the MCEternal pack and would like to have access to any future servers that may interest me. I hope to help enliven the eternal server and have a positive impact there.

  • Helper

    Hi Rjspayth1,

    I'm not sure how long Eternal will stick around. But I do like that people want to revive it 🙂
    I have gone ahead and added you to our whitelist, giving you access to all our current and future server.

    Hope to see you around!

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