• Age: 17
    Country: USA
    Discovery: I came across the Kreation modpack page while I was looking for a modpack to play. I then read the description, thought it was interesting... and I wish to play the pack with other people.
    Bans: I have never been banned... although this account was a gift from a friend because they had bought a new one, I'm not sure if they were ever banned from anything.
    About me: I like long walks on the beach... I am Ant1695, although people just shorten it to Ant. I started playing Minecraft when I got my original account (I no longer have it) for my 10th birthday... but I got interested in the game when Tekkit classic first came out. I haven't been able to stop playing Minecraft since then. I just finished my Junior year of high school. I was taking my second year of Computer Technology and Networking... I learned about computer hardware, how networking works, and many more things. I can also code in AHK, JavaScript, along with a tiny amount of Lua.

    I hope for good times playing with you guys. โ€“Ant

  • Helper

    Hello Ant,

    I'm sorry it took a while but I have gone ahead and added you to our whitelist. I hope you'll have a great time on our servers ๐Ÿ™‚

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