• Age: 20
    Country: USA
    Found: I was previously a member of this community when I shared an account with my brother, kev2575, now that I have my own personal account I would like to become active in this community again, and more specifically am looking to join the MC Eternal server.
    Bans: I have not been banned from a server and have not lied about my age on a server

    I'm currently a student at Tech studying environmental engineering, and with the plethora of free time due to current circumstances I am trying to get back into Minecraft, I believe I was last active about a year/ year and a half ago on my brother's account kev2575. I am looking to hopefully try all the new features of MC Eternal with a strong whitelisted community who can help me get accustomed to the new mods that I want to explore within the pack! Look forward to hopefully contributing to your servers soon!

    -Jason Howard

  • Staff

    While we don't typically condone account sharing, based on the impression that you were the only person playing with our community on the kev2575 account, I have gone ahead and removed kev2575 from the whitelist and added the account jasonhoward2575.

    If your brother would like to play on our servers, he is welcome to reapply with his own Stonebound forum account.
    Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you back online.

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