• Hello, My name is Austin and I am a 23 years old PV Solar Inspector. I am an American from the Chicago area. I enjoy mods and packs that tend to be more factory based. I found this because I was looking for a mod pack with Create. I found Kreation saw how light weight it was and fell in love. I tried to load it on my server but it continues to crash on startup. Thus now I am trying to apply for your whitelisted server. I have 3 others in my group and if I cannot figure out how to get the pack to stop crashing. They will be trying to join as well.

  • Helper

    Hey Austin,

    I have had a look at your application and I have decided to go ahead and add you to our whitelist!

    I hope to see you and your buddies around once they get their pack working and their apps submitted as well 🙂

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