• Hello, my real name is Niko, im 27 years old and im from Germany.
    I found out about this Server from the "Modding with Simi" aka the CreateMod Discord.
    Im already pretty actively building contraptions in creative and exchanging Ideas with other players on that Discord.
    Im a Senior Softwaredeveloper, therefore Modded Minecraft & Redstone was always my passion, but the CreateMod is a completely new and innovative Mod I'd like to also play in Survival with some other people. I dont want to make an own Server since its booring playing alone. I'd love to join this community to share ideas, help others and just have fun. Im playing Minecraft already since the alpha, so its been quite a while 😄
    My current favorite Mod is definitely Create, since its probably one of the only Mods, that make fun without needing many other mods added in the pack.
    Hope to be able to join this community 🙂

  • Helper

    Thank you for your interest in our community!! I went ahead and added you to the whitelist. Also, did you know that one of our staff members, simibubi, is the developer of Create. Anyway, welcome to Stonebound!!

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