• Hi everyone!

    My name is Daniel and I'm from Mexico! And I have 18 years old.

    I don't know if It's strange for you'all to meet a Latin American, but not worry, I know how to speak and write properly without the use of a translator.

    How I meet this place?

    I know this place thanks to the discord channel of create mod, a really good mod.

    Who are you?

    I'm a person that like the sciences and enginering topics of the world, and read about it. In fact, I'm studying a carrer about the renowable sources of energy in my university, and how to apply it in the world to reduce the climatic change and the cost of the energy. However, the hobby I love the most is geology, the science of the earth and composition of minerals.

    Oh, and I like so much videogames, specially, Minecraft, Monster hunter world: Iceborne, Factorio, and Terraria. Since I was 4 years old, always I played a game, and the first of all is Age of empires II... clasic of clasics.

    I made a """summary""" of my personality in form of a list (it's my opinion, we have differences and we need to respect all :D)

    • I really, REALLY hate the rascism and intolerance. All peoples of the earth have the same ancendency and we all equal each other! This in general, my ideologycal point of view. But, the next point is very related with this...

    • We have our own principles and how can see the world. Therefore, we all have a valid opinion, and no one has the right to censure it (unless it violates human dignity).

    • Science is the answer of the world. I like it, and I'm studying for my own every topic about the mysteries of the universe... or a simply scientific curiosity.

    • I'm not perfect, and I have my own defects, for example: I am very impulsive, and very severe in ocassions to others. Do not worry about that, just happen when I am very angry... and in fact, I am passive all the time.

    • I am very strict with myself, and I follow any social or community norm without regard. However, I am empathetic and supportive of others when necessary in general. For the rest, I am someone else of the pile.

    • I am very silence, but not anti-social. If anyone call me, I can took HOURS talking about differente topics (Traduction: don't talk me xDDD)

    However, If I admitted to this community, I can talk more of myself in the server, if you are interested.

    How are you like a player?

    Methodic and creative in some point. And... very inpractical. So much aesthetic is not particulary efficient xD.
    I like mods like industrial, mekanism and gregtech. (because I am an enginner? duh), and other more... esotherical, like Thaumcraft and Botania.
    And, if I need to classified me, I am a redstoneer.


    Is all for now. I'm hoping to see you in game and learn much more english and other mods 😄


    (If a master of harvard linguistics have a eye's bleed, please, pardon me u.u)

  • PD: I never lie about my age and only I had banned for one time of a server for suspicius cheating (In another community). But that case was erroneous and I get unbanned. I think you need know this info.

    If I not allowed of this server for that, I can accept it. Thanks for your attention.

  • Helper

    Hello Dany, I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist. don't worry about the length of you app it's great to see people putting alot of effort into their apps. also Im sort of the same in terms of aesthetics but have managed to work around that by building the efficient setup first then making it look nice and pretty afterward and spreading things out a little.
    hope to see you online 🙂

  • @KH3_Sora Thank You so much

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