• My name is Samuel Kerchner. I am 17 and live in the midwest of the USA. I found this community through CurseForge because I wanted to learn about the Create mod. A few years back, I was banned on Mineplex for hacking, but I now understand that hacking takes all of the fun out of the game, so I have not used a hacked client since. I Don't play Minecraft regularly, but it is fun. I have never played with mods on survival, but I want to give it a try. I am interested in programming and engineering and am taking college classes online during my high school day.

  • Helper

    hello Kerchs, Ive gone ahead and added you to the whitelist have fun and I hope to see you online!

  • Could I get a different account whitelisted Codename_Steve_O because I recently learned I could no longer sign in to that other account. Please un whitelist that other account.

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