• Age: 21
    Loc: Nebraska, US
    How I found you: Server listed in the Kreation Pack

    I'm a Computer and Electrical Engineering student, which naturally leads me to modded, technical Minecraft. As of late I've found the Create mod absolutely fascinating for how much can be accomplished with it's simple mechanics compared to the more complex and 'oh look at this self contained block play the game for you' mods. Because of school and the current human malware situation times I'll be able to be online may be weird, and there may be awkward periods inactivity, but I'll do my best to be a constitutive player working with others on the server to make awesome builds. Outside of the immensely nerdy like programming and embedded systems I like to play music and have a growing modular synthesizer addiction.

    I'll probably mostly hop on the pack from Linux mostly. Unfortunately the Linux discord client is sorta crashy, so I may be un-responsive in the server discord chat.

  • Helper

    Hello Vega_Deftwing

    I've gone ahead and added you onto our whitelist! Enjoy our servers 🙂

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