• Hello,
    So, I´m MKBastler, 16 years old and living in Germany. I found your server through my friend, who told me about the Create Live project. I then thought, it might be interesting playing minecraft with this mod, then I went for the Modpack and was looking for a server. Actually, I never played with a mod like Immersive Engineering or Create, although I really like those because of their customisation/automisation and fancy textures. Just like my interests and hobbies in reallife, I mostly play with Tech- and Spacemods like IE2, Mekanism or Advanced Rocketry, so it hopefully won´t be too difficult to work into these new mods. The IP of my router got banned once, when a friend of mine used a Hacked Client at my home. Since you cannot ban different devices in one network through a minecraft server, they just banned the IP of the router. I never lie about my age, except it is being stored unanonymously and seems a data-risk (this is my real age, although it is not as anonymous as other forums are). I play Minecraft Java since version 1.7.10, but played the Pocket Edition before (since 5 years now), my favourite mod is most likely Advanced Rocketry. Normally I play Modpacks like Bevo´s Techpack, so it may differ a bit.

  • Helper

    Hello MKBlaster

    I've had a look at your application and I have gone ahead and added you onto our whitelist!

    Enjoy Stonebound 🙂

  • Thank you!

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