• I’m 18, short jump to 19 in a couple of months.
    Im from, and still in Norway.
    I cane here through discord by following through the description in “This is Create” intro video on YouTube. After a long and tiresome search for servers that might run create.
    (I only found tutorials for creating servers. Wonder why.)

    I have only one old instance of a temp-ban of a few hours on a server, but as to what and why, I’m still a little puzzled. Hadn’t done anything close to other people’s creation, no mods or glitches, and as it was a temp-ban, the server didn’t accept disputes, and I haven’t really found a chance to ask about it afterwards.

    I built a nice clock tower looking over a small town with stalls for shopping as aesthetics.

    As for lying about my age; No stories to tell.


    I’m like to describe my self as a silent and calm person. I like to listen rather than talk more of the time. Some often disagree as I’m more talkative around people I know.

    I got into Minecraft from looking at friends and neighbors playing. Later got to play for my self as 1.7.4 dropped. Got to play when stairs bent and dog collars could be changed.
    Good old days.

    I like to building buildings and structures that look good and fitting with the surroundings. This also translates to the terrain, as I like terraforming to a degree. Other than that, I dislike mess I guess. Random blocks spread everywhere, or random holes dug up in places.

    My first mod, (and following mod pack as I couldn’t add mods to Minecraft on my own) was the Aether mod. I loved the new world along with the light scenery.

    I have later enjoyed playing Attack of the B-team, and enjoyed watching the play through with Keralis.
    Multiple builds have later pulled inspiration from him and later Grian and Jeracraft.

    In my free time I enjoy listening to music.
    I also play percussion in my local music corps.
    There also goes some time into games and such.
    I am sometimes dragged along on enjoyable walks outside and into the woods.
    It’s nice and relaxing, it’s green, there is fresh air, and the view is great when I live in the upper parts in a big valley.

  • The temp-ban was over supposedly griefing if that becomes a question.
    (And because I’m a little late to edit)

    I’m not one to destroy or ruin stuff for other people as I heavily dislike being mean and or destructive.
    I also dislike making a fuss of things, which is why I haven’t done much in terms of protesting against it.

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our community!
    I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist.
    Yeah, Create is a very new mod and our admin phit actually created the modpack we run working closely with simibubi (who is also one of our staff members). You will probably not see many servers running the pack for a bit.
    Hope you enjoy checking it out and building! 🙂

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