• I am 44 and live in the West Midlands, UK. I started playing Minecraft with my son and daughter many years ago when it first came out on Xbox 360 in 2012. I've consistently played the game for nearly 8 years and have learned many skills in creatively building bases and mods, especially mechanical and technological based mods.

    I still play Minecraft whenever I can and quickly become committed to a server or mod pack. I found this mod pack through twitch and it caught my eye because of the Create Mod that I would like to become proficient in.
    I've never been banned or have lied about my age, despite being over 40 and still loving this game, I believe in being totally honest and contributing what I can to the servers I join rather than trolling other hardworking and committed players. I am devoted to making the community better and learning the unique mods from others as best I can.
    Since I work it is sometimes difficult to get onto a server and learn new mods but now I have found the time, it is easier for me to have time for playing and devoting time to servers in order to learn how to set up this new mod that I am interested in.
    Thank you for considering my application.

  • Helper

    Thank you for your interest in our community! I went ahead and added you to the whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound!!

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