• I am 18 years old

    I live in the united states

    I found you when searching curse 1.14.4 modpacks and sorting by last updated

    I haven't been banned from any server nor have I lied about my age. this is my first time applying for any white list

    I got into Minecraft when my grandma bought the xbox 360 edition for me and my brother. we really liked it, but I saw a youtuber named popularmmos playing with mods. I really wanted to mod my game because, well who doesn't want to fight mutant creatures or have a pet dragon. so I was on a quest to get mods but to my disappointment you could only mod minecraft on the PC version, well i didn't have a PC. so I started researching PCs and the best value options. Everywhere i went online they said that building your own PC was the best price to performance you could get so i built my first computer. It had a fx-6300 and an old amd graphics card out of some 10 year old ailenware PC. the computer was more efficient at heating my room than at playing minecraft but i finally was able to play modded (this was 1.7.10). now i have a much better PC and i stream minecraft and shooters games like csgo. I am not trying to advertise but just so you can gain a better idea of the kind of person i am you could look at some of my streams. my name is Loneflint on twitch as well. It is really hard to pick my favorite mod. I'll just list a few
    immersive engineering
    create looks cool but i haven't played much
    ice and fire
    mutant creatures
    ancient warfare
    Valkyrian warfare or i guess now (valkyrian skies)
    better nether
    mo bends

    I am sure there are others but i do enjoy all of those. my favorite band is tool.

    I have been trying to make my own mod pack but it is a lot of work and yours has alot of the same mods that I have in mine. I am surprised you are even able to run a server with immersive engineering right now because of the bug where conveyor belts on a dedicated server are broken to the point where if you throw something on them the server crashes. maybe you have a special version of the mod because I now they have fixed it already and the fix will be in the next update so maybe you got it early, but I don't know. and I am also having an issue where twitch rejects my pack due to an invalid (json manifest) and i have no idea what that means but anyway i hope this has been enough info on my self this was kinda fun.

  • Helper

    Thank you for your interest in our community!! Don't hesitate to stream while on the server and keep trying with your modpack. There are plenty of people on the discord who could help if you ask. Also, did you know that one of our staff members, simibubi, is the author of Create. Anyway, I just added you to the whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound!!

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