• Age: 16
    Country: United States
    Found: I found this community through searching for an Antimatter Chemistry server.
    The way I got into Minecraft was that I got the PS3 Version of it a little bit after it came out from my mom.
    I would say that, my favorite mod would have to be either Tinkers Construct or Pam's HarvestCraft.
    I say Tinkers because it is a very nice mod for tools and, if you have the right mods for it, an easy early game armor set.
    The reason I like Pam's is because of the amount of food you can make and how easy it is to farm with it in the pack. It makes farming a lot quicker because you can right-click the crops to harvest it without breaking the crop, which means you don't have to replant it.
    This seems like a very nice community and I hope you can accept me into the servers.

  • Staff

    Hello Steel_Kraken,

    Thank you for your application. I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist.
    Feel free to stop by our discord if you have any questions or want to hang out with our other members.

    Have fun!

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